Mira Hair Oil Review: Does Mira Hair Oil Works?

Long hair makes women look elegant and it also adds to their graceful looks. But managing long hair is a time consuming process.

Moreover, the hair needs to be healthy in order to look good. There are several treatments that claim to help the hair look this way.

But few offer a scientific solution like the Mira Hair oil. This product has been around for the last 12 years and is steadily increasing its customer base.

Basically, Mira hair oil is a simple herbal product ideal for treating hair. This product was developed by studying the hair growth and management processes. Tests were conducted to identify the ratio of these herbs, and the benefits for different hair problems.

The problems that can be addressed with Mira Hair Oil:

Mira hair oil can therefore be used for many types of hair problems. Therefore, this hair oil is ideal for hair growth, as well as to avoid hair loss.

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Mira hair oil is also suitable for increasing the thickness of the hair, stimulating re-growth of hair, avoiding split ends, and delaying the graying of hair.

This hair oil also addresses some of the problems that are indirectly related to hair’s growth and it health such as itchy scalps, dandruff, and other scalp related problems.

What is the science behind Mira Hair Oil?

Most people do not know that the healthiest hair is in the anagen phase. Hair needs care in this phase to ensure that it does not start degenerating and reach catagen faster, and finally stop growing.

The faster the transition between the three processes, the shorter the hair remains. While hair loss cannot be prevented forever, it can be delayed and Mira Hair oil does that by prolonging the Anagen phase.

Hair also re-generates in the same follicle, provided it is getting the required nourishment, which happens if there is enough blood circulation to the scalp.

The hair follicles also die when they are attacked by DHT, which is a hormone in men. Similarly, there are many toxins that can hurt the follicles. There are pores on the skin that secret oil naturally.

These get clogged with pollutants and chemicals and that too leads to the death of follicles or lifeless hair. Shampoos often contain harsh chemicals which remain in the hair and lead to the pores closing down.

For the required shine and strength, your hair needs VEGF, a vital protein which also makes it thicker and stronger. Mira hair oil addresses all of these problems.

How does Mira Hair oil do that?

The primary ingredient in this hair oil is the hibiscus. Studies have shown that hibiscus increases the growth of hair by prolonging the anagen phase.

Chemicals such as iron, phosphorus, and calcium are also present in phosphorus, apart from vitamins such as riboflavin, vitamin B1, and vitamin C. All these chemicals and vitamins have a crucial role to play in making the hair look thicker, stopping split ends, and also bringing down premature graying.

Hibiscus is also used in many ancient medicines for its anti-microbial effect. The same effect is used in Mira Hair oil along with antimutagenic and antioxidant properties for treating dandruff and other microbial infections on the scalp.

Other ingredients in Mira Hair Oil

The list of other ingredients found in this oil includes coconut oil, which is known to make the hair manageable and smooth, simultaneously preventing split ends.

Henna extract included in the hair oil ensures that the hair looks darker and graying is slowly reduced. Henna also makes the hair softer.

There are many other important and researched herbs such as citrulluscolosynthis, and tridaxprocumbens which are not herbs that are seen, used, or known to everybody, but they have been around and were used in some of the ancient hair treatments.

Such herbs from different cultures are blended in the right ratios to come up with this oil that addresses most of the common hair related problems.

How long does one have to use Mira Hair Oil

Unlike most other hair oils, Mira hair oil does not have to be used forever, even though using it regularly will have some additional benefits. In general, two bottles of this oil are sufficient to address the problem/s and improve the overall condition of the hair.

Likewise, Mira Hair oil does not need to be used every day. It can be applied only for two or three days a week to get the desired results.

Are the results guaranteed?

There are no approvals from authorities such as the FDA. However, in 97 percent of cases, the product has shown some improvement in one aspect or another.

While improvements are not visible overnight, and they do differ from person to person, still they are significant. Thus one can safely say that this hair oil indeed delivers what it promises.

The product can result in almost a 30 percent prolongation of anagen phase.


Many traditional hair oils have some odors which people do not like. These hair oils are not really a complete treatment for the hair. Most merely manage to increase the shine and make the hair somewhat manageable.

But problems such as itchy scalp and dandruff are not treated. In the long run this results in severe damage to the scalp. Consequently, the hair starts thinning.

Some people are born with thin hair, whereas others caused damage to their hair because of wrong practices. By massaging Mira Hair oil, it is possible to revive the hair follicle and in general improve the hair quality.

Moreover, all the ingredients in this hair oil are natural. Therefore, there will be no adverse side effects from them. Considering the fact that this hair oil has been around for more than 12 years, and there are many loyal customers, using such hair oil for a specified period can help anybody in reviving their hair and address certain hair and/or scalp problems.

So it is definitely worth a try!

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