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How to Stop Baldness at a Young Age

Hair is something important that many people simply cannot live without. Without the presence of hair, one’s appearance would not be complete.

Because of that, hair is something that needs to be kept healthy and growing, especially at a young age when people need to look as attractive as possible in order to attract the attention of potential romantic partners.

baldnessBaldness could really deal some major damage to a person’s self-confidence as well as self-esteem. Fortunately, baldness usually happens to people of old age.

Normally, you would not need to worry about baldness before you reach the age of forty years old. If you are a male, that is. If you are a female, then the chances of experiencing baldness, especially at such a young age, would be significantly reduced, because, as research shows, males are much more prone to experiencing the problem of baldness than females.

This is because females would only experience the problem of baldness if both her parents are genetically predisposed to experiencing baldness. This is not the case for males, as males would experience baldness even if just one of his parents is genetically predisposed to experiencing baldness.

Even so, you cannot let your guard down.

Nowadays, something seems to be happening to the general masses. A change is in the air. People who would usually not experience baldness are getting more vulnerable to this condition.

Now, even females who are not genetically predisposed to experiencing baldness could quickly realize that their hairline is rapidly decreasing. Also, hair fall is something that is getting increasingly common amongst people of age twenty or so.

Those who would previously never have to worry about baldness are now getting concerned because every day they see their hair falling out rapidly.

This is a serious problem that has been brought about along with the change in today’s day and age.

The Cause and Cure for Baldness at a Young Age

Hair loss can be considered normal if it is between fifty to one hundred hairs per day. On the other hand, if the number exceeds that, then you would have a real reason to worry, even if you are young still.

It could be a condition called alopecia that could quickly cause you to go bald. Alopecia seems to be getting more and more ruthless nowadays.

It attacks absolutely anyone and everything, no matter the gender or the age. You need to recognize the causes of baldness at a young age if you are worried that you are experiencing such a condition.

Recognizing if you are experiencing one of the listed causes would allow you to diagnose the problem early and seek medical help so that the problem would not be exacerbated. The main causes behind baldness at a young age would include:

  • Stress

Stress can cause baldness at a young age. Chronic stress will disrupt and simultaneously cause an imbalance in the hormones that would ultimately lead to thinning hair.

  • Nutritional deficiencies

Insufficient intake of protein could make the hair lose nutrients. Nutrition is very important for hair growth. The relationship between food and the hair is quite simple. Hair consists of a protein called keratin, so it is important to include enough protein in their daily diet.

  • Disease

Baldness can occur because the body is unhealthy. Although your hair may be important to you because it complements your appearance, hair is not all that indispensable to your body, especially compared to the other more essential organs.

If the body lacks health and energy and is only capable of sustaining one or the other, then it is no contest. Your body would cut off nutrient supply to your hair in order to keep your internal organs healthy, and your hair would fall.Some diseases would be more dangerous upon the lasting prosperity of your full head of hair than others.

  • Smoke

Nicotine contained in cigarettes can narrow the blood vessels, thus reducing hair growth and reducing the transfer of nutrients to the hair.

  • Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol can absorb iron in the body and inhibit the absorption of zinc. Alcohol also causes dehydration and hinder the body while it is trying to absorb vital nutrients. As a quarter of the hair contains water, excessive alcohol will always make it brittle.

Now that you know the main causes behind baldness at a young age for both men and women, you would have to know how to prevent that from happening. Or if it is already happening, how to keep the condition from worsening. The basic ways to prevent baldness at a young age would include:

  • Getting to know in advance whether you are genetically predisposed to experiencing baldness or not. This would allow you to take notice if your hair starts falling out, and you can take early preventive measures.
  • You would also need to be gentle when handling your hair. Make sure that you do not pull on your hair. Also, make sure that you do not use too much hair product that could do damage to your hair, and do not clip the accessories on too tightly.
  • Make sure that you take good care of your hair by using proper hair care products.
  • Make sure that you eat a nutritionally balanced meal, so that your hair would get enough nutrients to grow healthily.

If you have done all that and still your hair is falling out, then you might need a more distinct kind of help from an external source.

You may need to either consult a professional or consume an over-the-counter medication that have been reviewed as extremely useful in controlling hair fall.

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