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Black Forever | Anti Gray Hair Treatment | Side Effects | Review

Do you ever feel uncomfortable with hair loss and gray hair? Well, Black Forever permanently solves the problem. It is a USA product which is 100% natural meaning it has no side effects.

Based on studies, the absence of catalase is said to trigger the chain of reaction resulting in grey hair. It is caused by older age, working at night, stress and smoking. Many people turn on dyes to color their hair, but this leads to dry and loss of hair.

Another leading cause of hair loss is an increase in hormone concertation DHT. The effects of an increase in DHT hormone include hormonal disorder, the decline in body iron and B-to-B6 vitamin loss.
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An old Saw Palmetto is a plant consisting of small berries used by Americans as an herb. Then came an overwhelming evidence that the plant could treat an enlarged prostate. It was later discovered that the plant is beneficial to human hair.

An extract of Palmetto contains five alpha-reductases; an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. It also releases Biotin also known as vitamin H which is responsible for hair growth. It is necessary for hair softness and enhancing black color for the long term.

Black Forever contains the enzyme catalase; horsetail, vitamin B1, palmetto, and biotin. It will help prevent your hair from graying. The formula helps your hair be stronger, softer, thicker and black.

Facts about Black Forever

  • There are sixty pills in one container, and all supplements are made from plants only.
  • It is good but not excellent since it does not permanently change hair from brown to black
  • It contains magnesium stearate which is not toxic to human’s skin
  • For hair loss, you are required to use the Black Forever for one month with an estimation of two bottles each day.
  • Your body produces hydrogen peroxide, but catalase decomposes millions of it to reduce the amount of melanin. The reduction of melanin bleaches the color of the hair to silver. Your hair will always fade as you age because human body produces lots of catalase.


  • NONE
  • Black Forever is not the best for early and mature gray hair treatment.
  • There is no scientific proof that Catalase Enzyme can reverse the gray hair
  • You should use the product continuously for three months before change begins to be noticed.

Demerits / Cons

  • Zinc one of the ingredients used in producing Black Forever has been linked to hair loss. Even though you can use a product with zinc, it should not be in huge amounts.
  • The product takes longer to register minimal results. According to the company’s data, It takes four months for your hair to turn from gray to brown and you almost use two bottles of the Black Forever.
  • Biotin one of the ingredients is also known as vitamin B7. It is known for its poor integration with other products. If you have to use it, then doctors advise professional guidance. So when you use Black Forever, make sure the mixture of ingredients is healthy for your skin.

Black Forever Ingredients

Black Forever ingredients help to supplement Catalase the body requires to bring the original black color. It is full of various trace elements and vitamins needed to stimulate hair growth. You also are going to prevent hair loss, baldness and maintain its natural state.

Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9 is essential for human body. This is one of the ingredients in the product which helps in managing stunted hair growth. Regular usage aids in tissue growth and allows cells to function efficiently. The unhindered growth is essential to hair growth and skin.

It does boost cell regeneration, and therefore, it is a stimulator of natural hair growth in both women and men. The proper synthesis of nutrients helps in maintaining follicles nourishment.

Palmetto has gained popularity recently due to its capabilities of fighting hair loss. It works similarly as components found in pharmaceuticals for hair growth. It helps in reducing the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This DHT is involved in hair thinning by shrinking hair follicles.

The research carried out shows 38% of people given palmetto reduced the rate of hair loss. It is all natural, so there are no adverse side effects that come with using the product.


Mr. Mike is 50 years and has always used natural dyes. Mike says he experienced no change, but he went ahead to find Black forever on Amazon. After two months of using the product, his hair became softer and glossier. Four months after continuous usage, he realized his hair changed from top to root. After eight months his hair had turned into its original color.

Mrs. Julie, a 48-year clerk, said she used dyes and 48 CAD every month. Every time she used dyes, the scalp became inflamed and itchy. She visited Amazon and watched some few videos on Black Forever. After three months, her hair turned yellow from top to root. Within six months her hair had changed to partially black.


The product is all new in the market with almost fifteen positive reviews on the company’s website. Black Forever gray formula is all natural and has few reported side effects. If looking for the product, it is readily available on Amazon’s online platform and cost $75 for three bottles and $29 for one bottle. 90% of Amazon’s comments are negative.

Haven’t seen any results on the first bottle about to order the second.

doesn’t work, waste of money.

I still get a lot gray hairs.

I have been use this for almost 3 months until now grey hair everywhere

Product does not work as advertised.

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