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Catalase 7500

Catalase is a very common enzyme indeed, which is found in abounding quantities in nearly all living things that are exposed to oxygen. Such living organisms not merely include humanity or human beings, on the contrary, it also includes, bacterial, plant and animal life as well.

One of the chief functions of this enzyme, Catalase, is that it is incredibly effective as a catalyst during the decomposition or rather, the breaking down of the chemical compound, hydrogen peroxide, into oxygen and water.
catalase 7500 gray hair

What is Catalase 7500 used for?

  • Apart from this, Catalase also has another primary function, where it has the important task of protecting living cells, from various kinds of damage, specifically oxidative damage. This kind of Oxidative damage is conventionally brought about by ROS, which is also known as reactive oxygen species. It is truly mind-boggling to note that Catalase has one of the most turns over numbers among all enzymes, where just one catalase molecule can convert many millions of hydrogen peroxide molecules to oxygen as well as water per second.
  • A lot of people, the world over are unaware of the fact that Catalase is a very big part of the food industry where it is used to remove the chemical compound, hydrogen peroxide from milk, and prior to the production of various kinds of cheese.
  • Another major use of Catalase in the food industry is that it is a component made use of in food wrappers as well, so as to prevent the packaged foods from oxidizing.
  • Apart from this, Catalase also happens to be an important enzyme used in the textile industry to as to render clothes peroxide free.
  • To top it all, this enzyme also has a minor role to play in the optical (Particularly the contact lens) world as well.

Recent discovery points to the fact that reduced levels of Catalase, might well play a role in the greying or even premature greying of one’s hair. The chemical compound, Hydrogen peroxide is known as the simplest compound, owing to the fact that it has an uncomplicated oxygen-oxygen simple bond.

When there are lowered amounts of Catalase in the body then-

This peroxide is produced naturally by the living organism’s body and the task of breaking it down into water and oxygen is carried out by catalase. This process of breaking down the compound is something carried out effortlessly by the body, however if Catalase levels are down, then automatically affects the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide as well. This truly has a snowball effect where the hydrogen peroxide, further interferes with the production of melanin in the body.

Melanin is derived from the Greek word, melas meaning dark or black and conventionally speaking, melanin is the umbrella term which is used with regard to the natural pigment which is found in most living organisms and which gives hair its color. Lack of melanin, causes the hair to go white or even grey.

The tall claims of Catalase 7500

In case you happen to be someone whose Catalase levels are rather low, chances are that people may tell you to try out Catalase 7500.

Catalase 7500 claims that it can make you, not merely look but also feel younger as well, restoring natural hair color. To top it all manufacturers state that it is a completely natural Catalase Supplement for the body, which assured complete satisfaction.

Though Catalase 7500 is widely sold offline as well as online, (on e-commerce heavyweights), we can’t help but wonder, if the tall claims which the product makes can be trusted or not. On reading about this supplement Catalase 7500, two immediate questions pop up-

  • ‘Can the protein-based Catalase enzyme actually be absorbed by the body?
  • ‘Can the enzyme survive the process of digestion?’

The truth of the matter is that the answers to both the questions are NO. This is primarily owing to the fact that the kind of molecules which are conventionally absorbed by the body through the medium of the skin is known for being both small and nonpolar yet the enzyme Catalase is being small nor non-polar, on the contrary, it is rather large and polar.

There is simply no scientific evidence which can point to the fact that Catalase 7500 can be absorbed by our body, this is owing to the fact that this enzyme is actually a protein and since it is a protein chance are that it is likely to be converted into amino acids and then made use of by the body in several ways.

There is no evidence which suggests that this Catalase 7500 can move through the body as it is, in order to be used to treat the problem of greying hair.

So, if the question arises, does Catalase 7500 work on grey hair?

The answer is probably no, because if it doesn’t run through the body in its original form, then how can it ever perform such a function?

Even if it can’t be absorbed by the stomach, there is also no research pointing to the fact that it can be absorbed by placing the supplement under the tongue either. Though this is indeed a fascinating idea, there has been no conclusive evidence which has been deduced in this regard.

The next obvious question which most people have is that can the enzyme provided by the supplement be absorbed by means of hair products like shampoos or conditions? Though this is another smart suggestion, yet experts suggest that doing this could well tilt the balance of the chemicals in our body, where the overuse of such a shampoo, could cause the body to have a build-up of hydrogen peroxide. That would inevitably increase the individual’s chances of getting cancer.

This is indeed one of the most gruesome Catalase 7500 supplement side effects, which makes people believe that it is better to just live with the grey hair rather than having to suffer from cancer! Mentioned above are simply some truths about Catalase 7500, which you should ponder over prior to trying any such supplement!

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