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CatalaseNow Review.

The way your hair looks have a significant impact on your image as well as on how you feel. Getting better-looking hair is easier said than done, despite the countless hair products available on the market. However, there is a product that promises fuller and thicker hair by strengthening the Catalase enzyme through its natural ingredients.

Catalase Now grey hair scamWhat is CatalaseNow

CatalaseNow is essentially a vitamin for your hair. It contains a very high concentration of Catalase enzyme which is mainly responsible for assisting in the more effective breakdown of the hydrogen peroxide.

Apart from that, it combines the various benefits of the numerous ingredients found in it, which include plants, herbs, and minerals. These together lead to thicker hair, with added luster and vibrancy.

Let’s Talk More About The Catalase Enzyme For Grey Hair

The main focus of Catalase Now is on the Catalase Enzyme. A shortage of this enzyme results in hair losing its color and turning grey.

catalase enzymeThis results from a buildup of hydrogen peroxide, which basically starts to block the production of the melanin that is responsible for the hair color.

It is important to note that preventing discoloration of the hair does not necessarily mean that there will be a reversal of its natural or original color. Moreover, there is no substantial evidence that the catalase enzyme does prevent grey hair. There have not yet been sufficient studies carried out to fully support that the Catalase enzyme is critical when it comes to preventing greying hair. There are some studies which offer some encouragement, but there is no medical confirmation.

Thus, one can conclude that even though CatalaseNow could work for some people, it might not work for others.

However, thicker and shinier hair is more easily achieved than the restoration of one’s natural hair color, so at least one can expect positive results in that regard when using this product.

Hydrogen Peroxide – its effects and how to counteract it

Hydrogen PeroxideThe culprit behind grey hair is Hydrogen Peroxide. As we age there is too much Hydrogen Peroxide in the hair follicles. This leads to oxidation of the hair, that is, the pigment is leeched from the hair. As a result, the hair starts to turn grey.

Counteracting this is not easy. However, there is the Catalase enzyme, which is also produced naturally by our body, which can neutralize the Hydrogen Peroxide. Catalase helps to protect the cells in our body from being oxidized and so it can manage to break hydrogen peroxide down and render it quite harmless.

The problem is that as we grow old we do not have as much of the Catalase enzyme getting produced, and so we need to get a boost. This boost can come from supplements such as Catalase Now.
goodbye grey hair unique formula to cure grey hair

CatalaseNow ingredients

Among the ingredients included in Catalase Now’s formula one can find Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Nettle root extract, Plant Sterols, and Barley Grass. Let us take a look at the benefits attributed to the various ingredients:

  • Catalase Enzyme – 5000 iu – Can restore natural hair color;
  • Saw Palmetto – this is an herb which helps in reducing hair loss;
  • Plant Sterols – contributes to hair growth;
  • Barley Grass – protects cells from toxic free radicals thanks to its antioxidant properties;
  • Copper – reduces hair loss and increases the production of melanin which helps with greying hair;
  • Folic acid – repairs hair to enable it to be thicker and fuller;
  • Biotin and Zinc Oxide – prevent loss of hair color and hair thinning;
  • Nettle Root Extract – limits hair loss and aids in hair regrowth;
  • Fo-Ti and Horsetail – improve circulation and detoxification;
  • Chlorophyll – builds healthy cells while assisting in the processing of chemical toxins;
  • Vitamin B6 – promotes hair growth through an increase in the rate of metabolism;
  • Pantothenic acid – keeps the hair and skin healthy.

And last but not least, Catalase which protects cells from the toxic effects of hydrogen peroxide which is the main reason why hair turns grey. The high concentration of Catalase in CatalaseNow capsules amounts to 5000 IU, and this is because our bodies require high amounts of Catalase as once we start aging the Catalase levels decrease considerably, and that is, in fact, the main reason why hair starts turning grey.

CatalaseNow Usage and Results

Catalase Now comes in capsules and there are different bottles which comprise a different amount of capsules. One should take two capsules per day, after meals.

One can expect to see results after 8 or 12 weeks, but this is not guaranteed as results vary from one person to another. However, the product comes with a 120-day Money-Back Guarantee, and so one can get some reassurance from this when it comes to questioning whether it works or not. It is also worth noting that CatalaseNow is manufactured in FDA certified labs.

CatalaseNow Side effects

There are no known serious side effects associated with the use of CatalaseNow. The formulation of these vitamins is composed of natural ingredients and so one can say that Catalase Now is a safe supplement.


Compared to similar products on the market which claim to improve hair in terms of its fullness and color, Catalase Now is reasonably priced. A month’s supply would cost $29.95.


Deriving a conclusion from the evaluation of CatalaseNow, its effects and how the Catalase Enzyme can work against the high amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide in our body is not easy. One cannot say that Catalase Now is going to be a magic solution to grey hair returning back to its original color.

There have been companies that have promised these results but which were then challenged that their advertising and claims were baseless as they were not scientifically proven.

These include GetAwatGrey and Rise-N-Shine, which can be considered as being very similar to CatalaseNow.

Having said that, there have been several positive reviews on CatalaseNow, and there were numerous people who said that it did work for them, especially with regards to gaining thicker and fuller hair.

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