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can frizzy hair be cured

10 Tips To Repair Frizzy Hair At Home

Frizzy hair can be caused by a number of things, including changes in the weather, diet, heat styling and ingredients found in commercial hair care products. Genetics also play a part, as some people are born with hair that is naturally more prone to frizing.

itchy scalp causes

Four Common Causes of itchy Scalp

If you’re experiencing scalp itching, you’ll probably go to any length to get relief. Constant scalp itching and irritation can have a variety of causes, ranging from a reaction to a new hair care product to a more serious skin condition such as psoriasis. Here

hair analysis scam

Hair Analysis Science or Scam

Can hair analysis tell you about your general state of health? That’s what some practitioners would have you believe and some people are buying into this idea by sending their hair off to laboratories to be tested, sometimes paying hundreds of dollars for the privilege.

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