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great-looking hair

How To Get Great Looking Hair

Almost everyone will agree that great hair and a suitable hairstyle go a long way in enhancing your looks and personality. Great hair improves self-esteem at your workplace, with friends or when you are in the company of your intimate love interest. No one takes

can frizzy hair be cured

10 Tips To Repair Frizzy Hair At Home

Frizzy hair can be caused by a number of things, including changes in the weather, diet, heat styling and ingredients found in commercial hair care products. Genetics also play a part, as some people are born with hair that is naturally more prone to frizing.

profolan stop hair loss for men

Profolan Review

Profolan is the new US made and effective anti-hair fall supplement, fighting against all the main causes of baldness in men, including the hormonal effect. It is an oral consumable supplement in the form of a tablet that claims to solve the hair fall, by

biotin for hair growth before and after

Biotin for Hair Loss and Grey Hair Reviewed

Who doesn’t want a thick, healthy head of hair? While there are a lot of hair products that claim to make your hair healthy and shiny and even help hair grow faster, not all of these products are backed by scientific evidence. One nutritional supplement

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