Welcome  to antigrayhairpills.com. Our Blog provide gray hair reviews based on customer experience in the past, and the new gray hair solution that works / or not,  including pills, balsam or a new cure for gray hair. We’ve created this blog for those who will buy the new pill that promises to stop your gray hair produced by L’Oreal – claims it’s developing a pill that will prevent gray hair entirely. All you have to do is take a take a pill with potentially risky side effects for the rest of your life.




According to MSNBC, the pill can’t alter existing gray hairs, it can only prevent strands from losing their pigment. L’Oreal says you’ll have to take the pill every day for at least 10 years if you want to ward off gray hairs, and as soon as you stop taking the drug you’ll lose pigmentation.

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Provillus is believed to revitalize shrunken hair follicles so they increase in size, but how it exactly works is unproven. When it is used twice a day, the follicles may increase in size and the growing phase for the hair becomes longer. It is also believed that Provillus increases the blood flow to the areas near the balding section, stimulating hair growth.

A 16-week study on men showed that 85 percent of patients experienced hair growth. A 48-week study on women showed that 60 percent of the women experienced hair growth after 32 weeks into the program (see Resources below). Research suggests side effects are mild: In 6 percent of the study group, there was mild scalp itching and irritation…

Source: Provillus

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